The Quotable


The universe is stardust and comprehensive darkness.
Time has time within itself, but the clocks are nothing,
compared to the blinking of a Supernova or the cycle of
the butterfly. And do not believe Fukuyama. The History
continues within the next offspring. The last drops last
forever. Stephen Hawking has told us that the Universe
has a beginning and an end, and yet, it’s eternal. No edge
to fall off. No knowledge of what will follow. So burn up
your calendar, and do not put your faith in Poetry either.
Maybe just a little bit, but not too much, because when
this world explodes into nothing, it will disappear. No
more, no less. And yes, for all of you wise men,
something will remain, some words will survive in Time.
In other places, in different spaces. Stardust and darkness.
But we are here now, reading this, scratching our heads;
alive. More than alive. And the stars appear, shiny and
bright. Lenses and eyepieces towards the sky, the future
is clear.

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